5 Things That Help Me Get Through Low/Bad Days

We can all have those days where life just seems to get the better of us, even if we are the happiest we’ve ever been it can still happen. Just like how a writer can get writer’s block, it can happen to anyone. And since Mental Awareness Month is coming to a close, I thought this would be a good topic of discussion.

So this post is just here as a little self help guide to help you rewind and look after yourself when you are not feeling 100% yourself.

1. Herbal Teas

One thing I instantly head for is some tea, usually peppermint. There are so many tea varieties and brands out there now that it gives you an opportunity to have fun and test them out. Also make sure you have a novelty mug at hand to add more cheer, for me it’s my Chip mug I got at Disney World.

2. A Relaxing Bath

You can never go wrong with a nice hot bubble bath, with all your favourite products thrown in for good measure. Try and introduce more baths into your life preferably in the evening as it gives you a chance to rewind and relax before bed time.

3. Write…

I left this generalised because there is various ways you could do this. It could be as easy and simple as writing your thoughts down in a notebook/journal. But if you are feeling a bit more adventurous then maybe you could start a blog or write a novel. I personally enjoy escaping reality with writing so I started a blog (obviously) and have 3 novels on the go. But if writing isn’t your thing then reading books can have the same effect.

4. Going for a Walk

This is always something I try and do every time I’m going through a hard time. I have a favourite route in my local country park that is very scenic but also feels like I’m getting lost in the woods. And if that doesn’t suit me I opt for a walk around the city and explore. Choose somewhere that has a lot of views or can inspire you, remember its to help refresh your mind so you don’t want to be bored.

5. Treat Yourself

Sometimes part of the reason we can feel down is because we are not looking after ourselves or bringing some enjoyment into your life. So don’t be scared to treat yourself now and again. Buy yourself a new lipstick or go out to your local coffee shop and have a nice slice of cake.

Bonus: Socialise 

One of my problems is, during low points I tend to not socialise as much. Sometimes its not my fault but once I’ve pushed myself to see friends I tend to feel more at ease. So if you find this is a familiar problem then encourage yourself to do something about it, even if its a case of going for a few drink after work with colleagues.

I hope some of these tips help you come up with ideas on how you can help your mood through bad days. This list is obviously not everything that can help but it’s what has helped me.



Palm Trees, Los Angeles

My Top 10 Travel Wishlist

Ever since I started working full time, my urge to travel has grown. Mainly because I can now save to do such a thing. There are many areas of the world I would love to see and many I would love to revisit. So I thought I would create a Wishlist to not only share with you but to also have something to refer to myself whenever I catch the travel bug.

And I suppose this list is in the order of preference, with number 1 being on top of the list.

10. Orlando

Magic Kingdom, Walt Disney World

This will always be on my travel Wishlist, and I suppose if you have never been you won’t understand until you have. But Orlando, and particularly Disney World is my happy place. It is so out of this world it is definitely one holiday where you forget all your troubles.

9. Bali

Bali, Indonesia

Ever since I watched ‘Eat Pray Love’ I have always wanted to see this beautiful place. As you will probably tell with a lot of the places on my list they all visually striking and that’s mainly because I want photography to play a major part in visiting these places. So that is one of the main reasons why this is in my top 10.

8. Barcelona 

Gaudi in Barcelona

One thing that I have found is that, when it comes to traveling I haven’t explored a lot of European cities and there are many I want to see. Especially since these should be the easiest to visit. I have always wanted see parts of Spain that aren’t tourist resorts, and Barcelona has always been high on my list due to the Gaudi landmarks scattered across the city.

7. Copenhagen 

Copenhagen at Night

Very rarely do I ever travel towards the end of the year. And I always think it can be ideal time to to certain cities in the snow and alive with all their festivities. No matter the season though Copenhagen always looks bright and colourful. And all round photogenic.

 6. Moldova

Moldova Landscape

I remember once reading an travel article in a lifestyle magazine about the most underrated travel destinations in Europe, and one of them was Moldova. The picture that followed showed a beautiful countryside and I knew then it was a place I had to see for myself. I have also recently met someone from Moldova, who I have learnt a little bit more from. I don’t know how easy it will be to see this country but it will remain on my list until I do.

5. Tokyo

Tokyo Streets at Night

I think Japan is on a lot of people’s travel lists, mainly because the country is so different to anywhere else. You have cities like Tokyo that are so advance and mind numbingly modern, then towns in the country that are so traditional and rich in culture.

4. Singapore

Gardens by the Bay, Singapore

 Singapore is quite a new entry on my Wishlist. For a while last year, I had thought about moving to South Korea to teach and Singapore was high on my list of places to see while I was there. It’s such a unique and multicultural city, it would be somewhere that I would to say I’ve been to at least once.

3. Paris

Notre Dame, Paris

I have visited Paris once before but it was such a whirlwind visit, I never got the chance to appreciate the architecture and Parisian style that I love about the city. I would love to visit again but this time avoid the touristy landmarks and experience the food, shopping and get lost in the streets of the city.

2. Boston

Boston Streets

I want to see Boston in the Autumn! The city turns into a sea of orange and red with pumpkins on the doorstep and leaves on the ground. It really just looks like a bloggers dream location. But really I just want to experience many parts of America as I possibly can as each state is dramatically different from the other.

1. Los Angeles

Palm Trees, Los Angeles

Number 1 on the list is the City of Angels, LA! I have wanted to visit here for so long. I even want to experience living here at some point in my life. The laid back Californian life is enough to call me to Venice Beach, Rodeo Drive and Runyon Canyon. Plus it has its own Disneyland which is always a bonus in my eyes.

As you can see I have a lot of saving up to do, also considering there are a few other places I want to see that aren’t on the list. I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know in the comments what places have made it on to your travel Wishlist!!


If You Are Listening, You Are Too Late

Is ’13 Reasons Why’ a good or bad influence?

13 Reasons Why Poster

I have recently finished watching ’13 Reasons Why’ and I was hooked, so much so I watched all 13 episodes in 3 days. To be honest, this series is not for the faint hearted and you should take each episode as it comes and if you are sensitive to the issues raised in the series I would be wary. It follows the story of Clay Jensen who receives 13 tapes from his friend, Hannah Baker, who has recently committed suicide and they depict the 13 Reasons Why she chose to end her life. But don’t let the above put you completely off, as I did find it very educational and put a lot of things in perspective. Which leads me into the topic of this post, is the show a good or bad influence?

 What’s All The Hype About?

If You Are Listening, You Are Too Late

I have been seeing so much hype and correspondence on the show since its release on March 31st. Most of it has been praise for the show, as it has already made such an impact that people are talking about mental health more than usual and has helped relieve some of the stigma. Which I am thankful for myself, I feel like I can use the show as a way to speak to people about my own state of mind. But as with everything else that circles around peoples opinions, not everybody agrees.

Clay Jensen and Hannah Baker

Since finishing the show I have stumbled upon news articles claiming that some mental health organisations critises the show for glamourising suicide. Which I think is not a fair accusation. The director himself has had his own brush with suicide and he didn’t think it was fair to himself or other suicide survivors to just depict suicide as just being there in the background. In order to full educate people on the issue and show them that suicide isn’t the easy way out you need to tackle it head on in the gritest, hardest way possible. Which resulted in heart wrenching graphic suicide scene, that makes an impact! Another thing the organisations aren’t happy with is the increase in the amount of calls to suicide hotlines since the show aired. But is this really a bad thing all round? Sure the show may be making suicidal people more vulnerable but they are choosing to call help lines instead, they are choosing to talk about their problems and seek help. And in my eyes that is not a bad thing at all.

13 Tapes For 13 Reasons

Hannah Baker 13 Reasons Why

Sure there is some things I do believe the show misses the opportunity to do. The main one being the lack of scenes showing teenagers seeking help or talking about their feelings. Which has also worked its way into a debate. People say that teenagers struggle with their feelings as they have no idea what they mean or how to deal with them. That’s why we need to educate ourselves on how to spot the signs of someone who needs help. However I think they could have shown teenagers that it is okay to talk, even if it’s just to family or friends. Instead they chose to show a scene were Hannah Baker goes to her school counsellor for help but he fails to see the warning signs and the cry for help.

Hannah Baker 13 Reasons Why

However I do think this is a breakthrough show and it will hopefully teach people to have more respect for one another and show people that our actions can have consequences for other people that may lead them to feel hurt and confused. I also I think the show also teaches us that if we do know someone with mental health issues we shouldn’t be afraid to be there for them and ask them how they are doing as that might help them feel less vulnerable. So much so that I have decided to get a semi colon tattooed on my wrist as part of the #projectsemicolon movement and to signify my own story with mental health but to also show people that I understand and I am here to listen.

I hope you give ’13 Reasons Why’ at try, I honestly enjoyed although its emotional and stressful at times. If you have already watched it please share your thoughts on the show in the comments.

I hope to see you next time!


Image Credit – Netflix

Should We Always Choose To Follow Our Dreams?


I know by reading the title of this post you may have presumed that I am about to open up some serious debate about the following topic. But really I just want to have a general chat as it’s something that has been playing on my mind recently. Following your dreams can mean so many different things these days that I feel, at times, confused.

Reach For The Stars

Within the last couple of months I started a new job where I met someone who has a mindblowing amount of motivation and positivity about who he wants to be and what direction he wants to stear his life in. But he has also had some life events in his childhood that has given him that push and drive to pursue his ‘dreams.’ Is that what plays a major factor for people when it comes to chasing their dreams? Do you need to have something or someone in your life to seriously drive that motivation in you? Because I’m beginning to feel that if not you are left thinking, how can someone like me manage to accomplish my dreams? Or ‘It never happens to people like me.’



With this type of attitude I think I’ve started wondering what my dreams actually are. If you asked me about 10 years ago I probably would have said my dream was to be a film actor or a screenwriter. But now i definitely have no dreams that revolve around my ambitions, mainly because I have no idea what career I want. I suppose that’s what makes it hard to know which way to turn first. In some ways though that is part of the challenge isn’t it because if it were that easy we would all be living our dreams lives.

“But is there a more realistic way to follow your dreams?”

Of course I would never say no to following your dreams. But is there a more realistic way to follow them? By taking it one day at a time, saving money where you need to and be rational with the opportunities that come you way? Really though it’s frightening to jump right in when the world to swallow you whole.



This year I make it my aim to figure out what my dreams are and what I hope to work to towards through my life. Of course I have a few things I hope to do with my life, but I see them more as bucket list opportunities like travel more and possibly live in another country for some period of my life (I suppose I could count this one as a dream). But at this point time I am going to take each day as it comes. I want to try and see my life from different perspectives as the one thing I never want to find myself is well, stuck!

I hope you enjoyed this post! I would like to know your views on following your dreams, please feel free to leave a comment.


A Weekend in London


I got to tick off one of my goals for 2017 by visiting London again. 2 weeks ago I went for a long weekend and for some much needed time off work. The problem with a trip to London though is its not much of a relaxing destination as there is so much to see and do. So I thought I would do this post to show you what non relaxing things I got up to on my busy holiday.

The Big Smoke

I have always enjoyed visiting London and there was a point in my late teens where I was visiting every year. I have always seen myself drawn to the possibility of moving there. However its such a busy, stressful and not mention expensive city at the moment I just enjoy the short visits. I love the culture of the city, the diversity of people and I love finding all these little streets off the tourist areas where you can the chicest little shops and artisan cafes. Some of the architecture in London is just amazing and a blogger’s dream back drops. I have always found London a fascinating city for my photos.

Friday 17th February 2017


After snagging a sneaky first class upgrade on the train and checked into our hotel on the Strand. We headed out for a walk up The Mall to see Buckingham Palace before heading to Harrods. I love Harrods. It is so out of this world. I think even people people who can afford to spend money in there are just as bewildered. Which puts you at ease when walking around the extravagant store. If you are heading to Harrods at some point you need to check out the Shoe Heaven. Its beyond amazing and has a huge selection of brands. I actually wish I had tried a few on as I was eying up a pair of Stuart Weizman ‘Highlander.’

Just before we left Harrods we stopped of to purchase a box of Laudee macarons which I have been dying to try for an age, and they didn’t disappoint. We then headed back to towards Leicester Square where we had a reservation for Bubba Gump Shrimp.

Saturday 18th February 2017



As there was a busy schedule drawn up for the Sunday we decided to try and do most of our shopping on the Saturday instead. So after breakfast we headed out towards Regents St to look at the first lot of shops. For lunch we headed to Choccywoccydoda after looking at some of the more quirkier shops in Carnaby Street. If you haven’t been to Choccywoccydoda then you must go on your next visit to London. The place is ladened with chocolate and the cafe although small is mighty. Next stop was Oxford St. By this point though I still hadn’t bought anything yet so I was looking out for something special to buy instead. And I found that special something in Selfridges, where I bought my first Self Portrait dress!


In the evening we headed to the Southbank for dinner where we hit our favourite place Wahaca. There was also an amazing sunset that evening so I got a chance to take some fantastic shots from the Thames.

Sunday 19th February 2017



Sunday was our busy action packed day so we had to get up early, have breakfast and get to Madame Tussauds for 10.30. I was excited to see this attraction as it was my sister’s first time and hadn’t been since I was 16. Afterwards we walked down Baker St to see the home of Sherlock Holmes which I have never seen before, we probably would have done the museum if there hadn’t been a massive queue outside.

For lunch we found this super cute little cafe in Soho called L’eto Caffe. Where we indulged in some french toast and crepes, and the most amazing fresh juices that looked more like cocktails.



We headed back to the hotel for a rest and to eat some cupcakes from Hummingbird Bakery before getting ready to head out for dinner. I of course put on my new Self Portrait dress that evening. We had a quick dinner in Chinatown before heading to the Royal Albert Hall to see Cirque Du Soleil. Which was absolutely amazing and I am glad we chose to go and see this rather than seeing a musical. I don’t think I can really recommend you to go and see this as I think the production is finished. But if you ever get the chance to go and see a Cirque Du Soleil show, don’t hesitate and just book!

I hope you enjoyed this post, let me know what your favourite thing is to do while visiting London?


Music I am Currently Enjoying

*Today’s post was originally going to be my travel diary from London but after the events that occurred this week I am posting it on the 2nd of April instead*

Music has been a big part of my life, it is my escape from reality. And although I have never been someone to learn a instrument, despite the failed attempts to learn the guitar when I was younger, I make up for that by listening to music whenever I can throughout the day. Because of my love for music I have never completely followed one genre of music, sure I have had phases while growing up where I have enjoyed listening to rock more or commercial chart music more, mainly due to peer pressure.

Pump Up the Volume

Going from experience our taste in music develops through the changes that shape our life. We connect with music that reminds us of happier times or moments in our lifes’ that we need reminded that we are not alone, or even music that makes us feel empowered and confident. And my music library definitely reflects various aspects of my life even down to the odd Disney album that reminds me of my carefree childhood.

As music is a big part of my lifestyle I thought it only right to start including this within my blog, and possibly within my social media accounts. Possibly my music taste might change a =s the months go by, who knows. Here is some of the music I have recently been enjoying the most:


My favourite band ever is back with new material this year and I have been listening to it non stop. There new album is due out at some point this year and they have been teasing us with new single and covers. I already have my tickets for one of their first Scottish dates of the year.

 The 1975

I think I have been listening to this band non stop since early summer last year. I liked a couple of their songs before that but I got really into their second album that I proceeded to go and see them live in December. So that just made me fall in love with their material even more.

Katy Perry

I am so glad Katy is back, especially with great sounding music! I fell in love with Katy’s music during her ‘Teenage Dream’ era and to be honest nothing really lived up to that afterwards, i was still yearning for Blue hair Katy as that part of her career was so epic. But Chain To The Rhythm has brought something new and exciting and I can’t wait to see what that is!

The All Night Dance Party Playlist

This playlist is on Spotify and I have been listening to it quite a bit so there wasn’t really one artist I could put down for this. It is a good playlist that gets updated regularly and features artists like, The Chainsmokers, Years and Years and Jax Jones. I have never really been one to really enjoy dance music, but thats been changing recently. But its also a good genre of music to get you in the mood for Summer and holidays.

So as you can see I have quite a mixed taste when it comes to my choice in music! And it always changes, except for when it comes to Prides, that stays the same.

Let me know in the comments what you have been listening to the most at the moment?


Healthy Eating in Edinburgh | Pumpkin Brown Cafe Review


Recently I think I’ve learnt more about my city from reading other people’s blogs or watching YouTube videos. But after watching Zoella’s Edinburgh vlogs I came across today’s cafe. Pumpkin Brown.


MBiP Rating: 9/10

Value for Money: £

Address: 16 Grassmarket, EH1 2JU

Opening Times: Mon – Sun 10-6


Nearby Gyms:

Dancebase, 14-16 Grassmarket EH1 2JU

PureGym Quartermile, 15 Lauriston Pl EH3 9EN

Fitness Chicks, Quartermile EH3 9GH

Hot Yoga, 2 Ladyfield EH3 8EZ

I think for me if I’m buying food on the go, the main thing I look for is freshness. The only time I have ever felt truly comfortable buying food on the go is from somewhere like Pret A Manger or EAT. When I found out about Pumpkin Brown I knew I would love it. Everything is made on the premises and on the day. And if you enjoyed Urban Angel or knew it was a place for you due to them being special diet friendly, then you’ll love PB even more. Everything here is natural, whole foods. They are dairy free, gluten free and refined sugar free.

The Superfood Deli with a Homely Feel


The shop has a very rustic feel with a lot of dark wood and low atmospheric lighting. There are a couple of areas for sitting in but it is mostly a place for grabbing food on the go. Large fridges filled with delightful treats for breakfast and lunch (or brunch). Plus a hot meal prepared for you behind the coffee bar along with acai smoothie bowls. As this cafe is mainly for food on the go there is limited seating. I would advise you not to go here with the intension of sitting in as I discovered myself. But in honesty don’t let that put you off, there are plenty of spots in the area to sit down to enjoy your food. Food with a view!

The Coffee Bar


One thing I was intrigued about my visit to Pumpkin Brown was the vast array of choices from the drinks menu. Within the hot drinks menu there is the usual choice of coffees, like lattes and cappuccinos. There is also a good variety of herbal teas, but also speciality lattes. So if you have ever wanted to try a matcha or tumeric latte you now know where to go. I tried a tumeric latte for the first time and I surprisingly enjoyed it. I suppose if you are someone who enjoys a chai latte you will enjoy this.


Side note, if you choose to have a tumeric latte, I recommend having it with coconut milk.

Raw Food Cakes


This was one of the best things about Pumpkin Brown I would make continued visits just in order to pick up a slice of one of their raw cakes. They are always inventing new combinations so you will probably never see the same cake twice. They are insanely good and I didn’t think twice about not actually eating a sugary cake. I had a cake resembling a slice of millionaire shortbread, and it was tastier than eating a slice made with chocolate and caramel. It was so gooey and the right amount of sweetness coming from the date. Even if you only have time to take away then I totally recommend you do so.

Breakfast Options


Because I was a bit unsure of how things worked at the cafe. I opted for one of their pre made and packaged options. I chose the pot of oats with apple and cinnamon. It was very tasty but there was a lot of eating which would be fine for most people, but for me personally my palette starts ‘rejecting’ the taste of nuts/seeds/oats if I have eaten them too much (if that makes sense). However this is not going to stop me from going back and trying other options. In fact I already plan to go back to try one of their Acai Bowls, which you need to follow their Instagram page for.


I hope you enjoyed your post and gave you the urge to visit Pumpkin Brown yourself…it’s worth it!!



Why I am Choosing to Print More Photos This Year | LALALAB. Review 

lalalab02I think there is probably plenty of us who scroll through the endless amount of photos on our phones and relive some pretty epic memories. Most of us will share them on Instagram or make an album on Facebook. Recently I’ve reminded myself how special it is to actually have a physical copy of a photo in your hand. You literally are holding a memory.


To Print or not to Print

I remember when I was growing up the only way you could have your photos was by taking the film spool to get developed. I mean, in mainstream general photography it’s very hard to come across a camera that still uses a spool. One of the main things I do love about photography is looking back at old photos that are usually crammed into a photo album. But these days everything is so digital and…convenient! You can so simply upload your photos onto your computer and decide what to do with them at a later date. So much so that I have many folders on my computer of past holidays and events and they haven’t been in touched since they were created (not even my Florida photos). If they had all been done on a disposable camera they would have been developed straight away.


So at the beginning of the year I decided I was going to print off more of my photos to create memory scrapbooks. And I was going to start off with photos I had taken from my phone. The best way to do this is by downloading an app that allows you to select, edit and order your photos straight from your phone. Although there is so many to choose from my favourite is LALALAB. and one of their key products is printing off photos on a 10x10cm square format. So it’s basically like having printed versions of your Instagram photos. Plus the app is really straightforward to use which is a huge thumbs up. The quality of the end product is also pretty amazing and considering these photos were taken on my phone camera really does make it worth putting a bit of money into printing out your photos.


The app is pretty straightforward to use so I didn’t see much point in giving you a step by step guide. But I’ve included a few answers to some questions that may come to mind when using the app.


What You Need to Know:

1. The app, is it free?

Yes the app is free to download from the App Store (Apple) and Google. And you will need to create an account in order to use the app.

2. What products does this company offer?

A wide variety of printable products including photo books, calendars, magnets, posters, canvas, alu-dibond, and phone cases. On this occasion I bought standard prints.


3. If I choose to get prints done. What sizes of photos are available?

You can get vintage prints which are 10x12cm and they also have a Polaroid look to them. The classic is 10x10cm, regular which is 10x13cm, mini vintage 5.9×8.9cm, XL classic 20x20cm and the XL regular which is 20x27cm. I went for the classic in this case.

4. Is there a minimum number of photos you can have printed?

Yes the minimum is 5

5. Is it just photos from your camera roll that you can select?

No, although you can choose solely from your camera roll. You do have the option of connecting LALALAB with your social media accounts so you can grab photos from the likes of Instagram and Facebook.


6. What features are available within the photo editor?

Surprisingly you can do quick a lot of editing to your photos within the app. It has basic features like brightness, contrast, saturation, vibrance, etc. There is also premade filters, you can add frames, text and stickers to photos also.

7. Would you recommend editing your photos externally before ordering through LALALAB.

This is more of a personal choice. I have a certain aesthetic that I aim for that I can achieve through other photo editing apps so I chose to edit externally first. But you can achieve a good quality edit through LALALAB.

8. What are the delivery times?

They usually try and get your order to you 3-7 working days after you have purchased your order. My order came with a 3-4 working day time frame so they do try to be as quick as possible.

 Hopefully that inspired some of you to start printing some of your photos. I think I will get some memory scrapbooks on the go and use the photos from LALALAB. 

Do you keep hold of things that remind you of fond memories?

Healthy Eating in Edinburgh: Urban Angel Review


 It’s the beginning of a new year and for most of us it’s a good excuse to start a fresh. For a lot of people a new year resolution is to get fit and to get healthy. But for me and I’m sure for a few of you out there I never make this a resolution as you always end up putting too much pressure on yourself to succeed and probably end up falling at the first hurdle. But I do like to go on a bit of a detox and eat sensibly for as long as I possibly can. This year though I want to make a proper go of it and be more strict with what I eat. Mainly as an experiment to see how much it effects the condition of my skin and helps my digestion.

UrbanAngel Edinburgh | UrbanAngel Review

A couple of areas that people struggle with when it comes to healthy eating is when it comes to eating out and what to eat after a gym session. So I thought I would start a new series on the blog. Where I renew some of healthy/vegetarian/vegan restaurants based in Edinburgh paying close attention to how healthy they actually end up being, the value for money, the options available on the menu and how close the restaurants are to nearby gyms and fitness centres.

Where is Urban Angel?


UrbanAngel Edinburgh | UrbanAngel Review

MBiP Rating:9/10

Value for Money: ££

Address: 121 Hanover St, EH2 1D3

Opening Times: Mon – Fri 8-5, Sat – Sun 9-5


Nearby Gyms:

The Pilates Place, Jamaica St (EH3, 6HH)

Nuffield Health, Omni Centre, Leith St

The Gym Edinburgh, Waterloo Pl, (EH1 3EG)

I have walked past this cafe so many times and been intrigued and inspired by their crazily healthy menus. Their bright and open artisan interiors welcomes a cosy and energetic atmosphere. If you are someone who struggles to find somewhere that caters for your special diets and needs then from the moment you walk into Urbanangel you are left reassured that there will be plenty to choose from. Big blackboards fill the walls with smoothie menus filled with fresh fruit and veg and ladened with almond milk and soya milk. And sandwich boards filled with fresh ingredients that make your Christmas indulgences seem like a thing of the past.

Drinks Menu at UrbanAngel | UrbanAngel ReviewCake Stand at UrbanAngel | UrbanAngel ReviewBrunch Menu at UrbanAngel | UrbanAngel

Once finally seated (it was a rather busy Sunday) I got to read the brunch menu in detail including some daily specials. It’s a fantastic menu with a great variety and good options between sweet and savoury dishes to dishes that are plain and simple or exploding with flavours. One thing to note like I said above, they cater for a wide variety of requirements so if need be, if there is something in dish you can’t eat then they can swap it for something more suitable. I decided to choose something quite plain and simple as I had been in Christmas treat mode for so long I didn’t want to scare my body by having something ridiculously healthy.

The dishes sampled are:

Poached Eggs on Toast with a side of Avocado

Chorizo and Mushrooms on Toast

Nutty Butter on Toast with Pears and Plums

Poached Eggs and Avocado | UrbanAngel Review

Poached Eggs and Avocado | UrbanAngel Review

Poached Eggs on Toast with a side of Avocado – Yes this may be quite a simple but yet classic dish to try. But it does display the variety to their menu. You don’t need to be someone with exotic tastebuds to get the most out of a trip to Urban Angel. The eggs to this dish were cooked to perfection, fluffy whites and an amazingly gooey yolk. It was also nice to eat a fresh avocado that had been beautifully peeled and cored unlike the mess I produce at home. And what I loved about this dish was the big doorstop slice of granary bread. Yummy!!


Chorizo and Mushrooms on Toast | UrbanAngel Review

Chorizo and Mushrooms on Toast – I think this was my favourite dish out of all that I tried. Mainly because it was the best Chorizo I have ever tasted. I wouldn’t be surprised if it has been sourced from Spain itself. It had such a great smoked paprika flavour that  it flavoured most of the rest of the dish along with it. The chilli never made it overly spicy either which was great for me as I’m not much of a spicy food person. Again with a lovely doorstop piece of granary bread and another well poached egg just rounded of the dish nicely.


Nutty Seed Butter with Pears and Plums | UrbanAngel Review

Nutty Seed Butter on Toast with Pears and Plums – I was a bit unsure at first trying this dish as I don’t particularly like peanut butter. But this is definitely not your average peanut butter. This one contains, peanuts, almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower seeds. The plums and pears are done like a compote, so they have a sweet glaze over them. Combined with the nutty butter its a great flavoured dish and it certainly didn’t make feel as though I was eating peanut butter. This is a great choice if you are looking for something a bit different to try.

I had an amazing visit to Urban Angel and highly recommend it. It will be a great place to stop by after a gym session especially with their great choice of juices and smoothies. And I will definitely be making a trip back myself to sample their lunch menu. I hope you enjoyed this post and I hope you enjoy this series, I will be completing it throughout the next couple of months and visiting as many healthy eateries in the Edinburgh area as possible. I planning the next review to be Pumpkin Brown which can be found in the Grassmarket. I hope to see you next time.

Have you visited or want to visit Urban Angel?


Best of 2016


Over the past year I have pushed myself to try even more beauty products. Mainly for my own benefit obviously but also so I could share my experiences with each product on here. So its no surprise that most of my best of 2016 includes beauty products. But of course my life over the past year hasn’t completely circled around beauty products so I have a few other things to share with you on this list.


I have always had problematic skin and its meant that I have struggled to understand my skin and what to do with it. Over the past couple of year’s I have started to embrace my skin and be braver when it came to trying new products and new brands. So again this year I tried a fair few, and that included new make up products also.


1.Sunday Riley Good Genes Serum

I have probably mentioned this product a couple of times on here already but this product has surprised me the most since I started using it back in the summer. Mainly because I had no expectations, as everyone I had seen using it had beautiful skin anyway (well compared to me they did). But ever since I have started using it I’ve seen a dramatic difference in my hyperpigmentation and pore size.

2. Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

This year I ran out of my favourite Goldfadden’s Daily Scrub. I was left thinking ‘what am I going to use now?’ While I was debating what to get, I found a miniature of Liz Earle’s Cleanse and Polish. I instantly fell in love with it. I had previously used it before but that was when I was teenager and it never really worked for me then. So I went out and bought a full sized product, as you do.


3. Tarte ‘Rainforest of the Sea’ Foundation

This is one of the products I purchased when I was in America last year. I made it my mission to pick up as many American brands as possible while I was there. I have always wanted to try a tarte product so when I spotted the foundation I knew that this was the product for me. I love this foundation so much its lightweight with a medium coverage, but it is also still buildable. It has a dropper applicator so you can be in better control of how much product you use.

4. Pixi by Petra Glow Tonic

I got this product last December and I had heard a lot about it so I was excited to give it a try. Although this is a great product and has improved my skin, I can’t really use it when I have a major breakout. But its definitely a product I will continue to re buy and have to hand in skincare pantry.




I love reading about how people live the lives. We all have our own addictions and traditions we love to centre our non working time around. We could spend most of time going to the gym, you could be someone who likes to spend most of the free time in new places and exploring the world. Or you could be someone who has spends their days at home with family. But no matter what your lifestyle we all have our comforts and we all like to try new products that jazzes up our everyday life. Here are my 2016 favourites.

1. Isle of Skye Candles

As I have got older my obsession for candles, sorry scented candles, has dramatically grown. In all honesty I have too many for my small bedroom, so much so I can only light one at a time. Par Jo Malone, one of my favourite brands that I always go back to is Isle of Skye candles. They are made from Soy, produced in Scotland, and they smell divine.  The scents aren’t too harsh so they leave more of a fresher scent around your room. My favourite scents in 2016 were Juniper and Frankincense and Myrrh.

2. iPhone 6s Plus

I know for a lot of people Apple products are the bane of their lives and will never choose to own one. But for me as a creative Apple is perfect for me and it works well with all the professional softwares I use almost on a daily basis. So I was due a new phone, a.k.a an upgrade on my iPhone. I instantly preferred the iPhone 6s Plus so I could do more blogging on the go. Having the bigger screen meant it was easier to use the WordPress app and it made it easier to edit my photos.

3. ‘Bloom’ by Estee Lalonde

Much to my own frustration I never done as much reading as I would have liked last year. But one book that I could not put down was Bloom. I bought it on a whim as I had never personally read Estee’s blog or watched any of her videos. I suppose that may be one of the reasons why I connected so much to it as I never had any pre conceived expectations of what this book would tell me. Its such a lovely book to read and a great one to read with a cup of tea after a long day.


4. Jo Malone

I won’t speak too much about this one as I think Jo Malone appears in every ‘favourite’ and ‘best of’ post I do. However I find myself buying their products more and more every year. I think it may be safe to say I should just get myself a Jo Malone concession counter in my house and then I would never need to worry about running out of my favourite products. But here is to another year of Jo Malone filling my room with amazing scents.


Last but not least is a few fashion pieces I have been loving this year. I have to admit I never bought much in the way of clothes this year, mainly because I spent most of my clothing allowance on Florida gear. But the clothes that I did buy have started to shape a new style for me. I’m not entirely sure what that is yet, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it evolves over 2017. Here are my favourites of 2016.

1. Kate Spade Bag and Purse


I purchased this bag while in America and I love and haven’t stopped using it since. I love its classic shape, I was after a classic bag the colour however was a bit bolder than what I had originally planned to get. Kate Spade has great quality bags, its a strong leather with a great finish on it for durability. I also went for an saffino style leather as it means it doesn’t great easily marked or scratched. I would definitely recommend Kate Spade.

2. Camel Coat


This year I wanted to get myself a nice new winter coat and I had been loving the Camel coats that had been vastly growing on trend. I managed to find a lovely coat with the ideal length from Marks and Spencer within their Limited Edition Collection. And it has served me well and is a such a diverse coat that that looks great with casual and more formal outfits.

3. Knee Hight Boots

This year there were more knee high and over the knee about than you could possibly comprehend. Which made it very difficult to decide which ones I actually really wanted to own. But I decided to go for a casual pair so that wear them more often and feel comfortable wearing them all day. Obviously now I have a casual pair I now want a high heel version. The pair I went for were from Clarks and they are black suede with a cubed heel.They are so comfy and a great quality.


I hope you enjoyed this post. Sorry for the quality of the photographs, I am trying to find some better backgrounds for my pictures and also better area for natural lighting. If you have any tips on how to get the better flat lays let me know below.

What was your favourite items you bought in 2016?