My Most Influential Bloggers

So for this post I wanted to share with you some of the key blogs and the people behind them that inspired me to start my blog but also inspire me everyday. Some of these bloggers have grown to create amazing editorial style blogs that I feel even rival big magazine publications. Most of the blogs I follow tend to be on the fashion and beauty side of the things, but there is a different reason to each of these blogs that have drawn me to them.




Source –

I love this lady, even though Victoria talks mostly about luxury fashion, that is the exact reason why I love reading her blog. I personally prefer luxury as I have mentioned before in my blog, and although I get serious wardrobe envy its nice to read about someone else’s love and opinions on designer goods. Victoria’s blog has gone from strength to strength over the years and its great to see what amazing opportunities have come her way as a result.


Fashion Mumblr


Source –

I started watching Josie this year, and discovered through watching her YouTube channel that she also runs a blog. Josie talks mostly about about fashion and beauty related things. And compared to Inthefrow, she talks mostly about about affordable products. What has also drawn me to Josie’s blog is that she gives a lot of photography and blogging tips too, which has helped me a lot with my own artistic direction for my blog. If you are looking for some inspiration on what new beauty must haves you should try or how to wear a certain style of shoe etc, then Fashion Mumblr is the place to go.

Fashion Mumblr

Florals and Corals


Source –

I discovered Lucy’s blog through Instagram. I wanted to find some Scottish based fashion bloggers and found @lucyflorals. Florals and Corals I would say is more a style blog, so basically somewhere you could go to get some outfit inspiration. I love Lucy’s style which its another reason I love both her Instagram and blog. Lucy tends to blog about a certain garment she has been enjoying wearing over a couple of posts so you can get an idea of different ways to wear it. She also, from time to time, posts her favourite beauty products. So if you are looking to update your wardrobe and need some inspo then Florals and Corals is the place for you.

Florals and Corals

Niomi Smart


Source –

Niomi Smart’s blog is a great one to read if you are wanting to get a better understanding of what it takes to have a healthier lifestyle. Niomi is very big on her plant based diets and exercising hence why she has just recently wrote ‘Eat Smart.’ Niomi also creates a lot of content on YouTube where she tends to show you what she eats in a day, recipes and skincare routines for healthy glowing skin. I have loved reading and watching Niomi’s content and it has definitely inspired me when it comes to my own lifestyle and healthy eating, although its not at all perfect. But maybe one day as I continue to indulge in Niomi Smart’s tips and tricks.

I hope you enjoyed this post and has given you some inspiration for some new blogs to read or possibly even reminded you of old favourites. Although I personally do watch more YouTube videos these days. I do love to read some great blog posts that a full of advice and passion which these lovely ladies give in bucket loads.

What’s your current favourite bloggers?



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