Designers That Inspire Me

As I have mentioned many times before on this blog, l love fashion. And I have for as long as I can remember. I have always found it so interesting seeing how other people view, not only what is defined as fashion, but the world, through¬†something as simplistic as designing clothes. For me fashion is and will always be art and a way of expressing yourself no matter how many people turn it purely into a money making machine. Even after spending 4 years studying fashion and knowing how complex and time consuming making a garment can be. I have always been hugely inspired by the craftsmanship side to the industry like tailoring and couture. I also love designers where you can tell a lot of time and thought has went into even the tiniest of details and designers who aren’t afraid of using a large amount of Embroidery, embellishment and fabric manipulation to create beautiful garments.

So I am going to share with you a few of my favourite designers who inspire my work and style.

Alexander McQueen

McQueen butterfly headdress

Alexander McQueen has inspired me for years, he was the reason I wanted to work in the fashion industry. What I love most was his skills in tailoring and how he reinvented the tailoring world by experimenting with pattern cutting and fabric.



Erdem has helped shape me as the designer I want to be if I ever set up my own business. I love florals and I love embroidery and fabric manipulation. This is what Erdem does, he creates feminine, beautiful dresses with intricate detail. I just love looking at his work, and now my local Harvey Nics is selling his stuff I can now stare at it in person.

Self Portrait

View More:

Quite a new designer in my book of inspiration but I just love this guys work and the quality of these garments is just amazing which makes it difficult to understand why most of his garments are so good value. I hope to own one of these dresses one day, hopefully sooner rather than later.

Monique Lhuillier


I love Monique’s beautiful evening wear and bridal collections and I did use her work as inspiration for my degree project. What I like the most about Monique Lhuillier is her choice of bold colours and textile prints.

Ralph and Russo


Ralph and Russo are just a wonder of the world. I have no idea how the pull off these amazing garments. Ralph and Russo are a couture brand, so every garment is full of intricate detail that takes hours and hours to make.

 These are all designers that I look at straight away when starting new projects. They are also the first designers I look up when catching up on coverage from fashion week season.

These are just some of the designers I watch, I do like others but these are my stand out brands.

Let me know your favourite designers/brands in the comments

Until next time




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