I’m Back!!!!!

Hi Guys,

Well after what seems like a lifetime I have now finished degree work and ultimately university. Which hopefully now means I can now start putting more time into this blog. In a way i’m glad i’ve been able take some time away from this blog as it has allowed me to come up with some ideas for content and to vision what I want this blog to turn into for me. I will continue to post fashion and lifestyle related content, but i am also hoping add some film related content as this is also a passion of mine and could spend forever talking about them. So with that in mind I am going to bring you two main posts that will be scheduled for each week:

On a Friday at 5.00pm (GMT) I will post a movie/media themed post just in time for the weekend.

On a Tuesday at 5.00pm (GMT) will be a fashion/style/lifestyle post

But of course if I have anything else to share during the week i will post in-between. So finally welcome back to the newly named Midnight Blue in Paris i hope you enjoy it. Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog and you can still follow me on social media.





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