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I love menswear, as a fashion student we are encouraged to explore the whole industry although I had always seen myself as a potential womenswear designer, I became very fond of the idea of being a menswear designer. For a long time I wanted to be a tailor, I suppose is still do, but after seeing how all aspects of the industry work I got more ideas of what I saw myself doing. And not only that, but tailors don’t get paid enough for what they do, they are, in my eyes, the masters of the fashion industry.

But anyway this time of the year is my favourite time of the year for menswear, and it’s always the time of the year that I make sure I buy British GQ magazine. Today marks the start of London Collections: Men, the fashion weekend that showcases all the latest menswear collections. GQ have amazing coverage of the four days both through their website and through social media. I’m looking forward to seeing a few designer showcases including:

  • Spencer Hart
  • Belstaff
  • Aquascutum
  • Pringle of Scotland
  • Ede and Ravenscroft (Savile Row tailors)
  • Gieves and Hawkes (Savile Row tailors)
  • Burberry

Burberry Prorsum fashion show, London Collections: Men, Autumn Winter 2014, London, Britain- 08 Jan 2014

Another reason why I enjoy reading GQ at this time of year is it also releases the ‘Best Dressed Men of the Year’ list. I always love looking at this list and seeing the diversity of men featured. After all most of these men shape the trends and fashion worn by the public, just like female celebrities. Again this year was interesting list and unexpected entries.

Here are my favourites from the list:

33. Max Irons


You never see much of Max Irons in the press, which is a shame because it means we can’t feast our eyes on his delicious British style.

25. Romeo Beckham

jj berry Spri.jpg I have to say i didn’t completely understand why Romeo was on the list, he isn’t even a teenager yet and he is already in a best dressed MENS list, but I he is so cute and as a face of Burberry we are certainly going to see him doing a lot within the fashion industry. He is my one to watch.

20. Tinie Tempah


Tinie has been featured in these lists for a couple of years now, but he has always sat quite high up on the list so I am a bit surprised seeing him at number 20. I think Tinie’s style just keeps getting better and better every year, which the fashion industry must agree with as he was made one of the ambassadors of London Collections: Men this year.

17. Jim Chapman


I’m so happy to see Jim on this list especially at number 17, he is one of my favourite YouTubers and has amazing style which he frequently showcases with his ‘outfit of the day’ on his Instagram page. I’ve felt that a few YouTubers I follow have a great sense of style and I’m glad GQ has given Jim the opportunity to show that.

9. David Gandy


I love David’s gentleman-like style. He loves his tailoring and frequently supports Savile Row and independent tailors, I also like how he is not scared to experiment with different cuts of suits, he usually shys away from the traditional suit.

2. Benedict Cumberbatch


I am a huge fan of Benedict’s so i was very happy to see him on the list again, and he’s moved up one spot from last year. Benedict loves a traditional tux, which we’ve seen him wearing many times on the red carpet. He is also a huge fan and friend of Spencer Hart’s, and we see him wear Hart’s suits a lot also (and on the odd occasion, a live model in Spencer Hart’s shop window). I do though sometimes question Benedict’s choices when it come to his casual attire.

1. Eddie Redmayne


Even though I’ve watched a lot of Eddie’s movies throughout the years, it has only been recently that I have watched what he wears on the red carpet and such like. Considering that he is a former model, he does know a thing or two about style and it certainly shows. I also feel that he has stepped up his game quite recently, over the past couple of weeks while promoting his new movie his style has been much bolder than before, for example the picture above. I definitely think we will see a lot of good thing coming from Eddie this year both in his acting and his style.

So thats my favourites from the list, a few of them are new favourites from this years list and others have been my favourites for many years. Although there is one man that never made it on to the list this year, whom I always look out for is Mr Hiddleston, which is quite surprising as he was 2nd last year. So i’m going to finish off this post by adding a picture of my style highlight of 2014 from Tom Hiddleston.


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